Schedule at a Glance

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Program of Events

The Symposium schedule is tentative and subject to change.




1800 - 2000 ALIS 2019 SPEAKER/SPONSOR DINNER (by invitation only)




 0800 – 0830  Soft Open / Welcome / Program Committee Introductions

Morning Session:
Moderator: Marc S. Moller, Esq., Program Committee Member

 0830 — 0930  In the Know: Recent Cases That Count

         For Plaintiffs  -  Ladd Sanger, Esq., Slack Davis Sanger, Dallas, TX

         For General Aviation Defendants - Laurie Salita, Esq., Skinner Law Group, Philadelphia, PA

         For Air Carriers and International Issues - Bob Craft, Jr., Esq., Holland & Knight, New York, NY

 0930 — 1015  Insurance Issues in a Time of Change and Challenge
Deborah Elsasser, Clyde & Co, US, LLC, New York, NY          

 1015 — 1030  BREAK

 1030 — 1115  Paradigm Lost: A Case Study of Asiana 214 as the New Reality

            Plaintiffs’ Perspectives and Issues – Marc Moller, Esq., Kreindler & Kreindler, LLP, New York, NY

            Defense Perspectives/Issues - Frank Silane, Esq., Condon & Forsyth, Los Angeles, CA

 1115 — 1200p  Positional Awareness: Regulatory and Business Considerations in Aircraft Operations and Transactions
Jerry Eichenberger, Esq., Calfee, Halter & Griswold, LLP, Columbus, OH

 1200 — 1330  Luncheon

How to Fly Around The World in a Single Engine Piston Aircraft: Certification, Convention and Law Saki Chen, Speaker

Afternoon Session:
Moderator: Paul Leonard, Program Committee Co-Chair

 1330 — 1500  Space Invaders: the Drone Revolution Advances

       The Technology Accelerates:
IP Issues at the Cutting Edge - Lionel M. Lavenue, Esq., Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP, Reston, VA

The Regulators Respond:
FAA: Reaping the Whirlwind - Justin Green, Esq., Kreindler & Kreindler, LLP, New York, NY
European Union - Laura Pierallini, Studio Legale Pierallini, Rome, Italy

Legal Insurance Issues for Current UAS Operators
Professor Jason Lorenzon, JD. Kent State University, College of Aeronautics & Engineering, Kent OH

1500 — 1515  BREAK

1515 — 1545  Preflighting Your Case: Effective Discovery
Ann Thornton Field, Esq., Gordon & Rees, Scully Mansukhani, LLP, Philadelphia, PA

1545 — 1630  Trying and Appealing Your Case: Expecting the Unexpected
Brett Godfrey, Esq., Godfrey|Johnson, P.C., Englewood, CO

1630 — 1700  To Infinity and Back: Medical Issues for Space Passengers
Austin Bartlett, Esq., Bartlett Chen, LLC, Chicago, IL

 1700 —Adjourn





 0815 — 0830  Soft Open and Welcome

Presiding Morning Session:
Gary W. Allen, Esq., Program Committee Co-Chair

 0830 — 0930  Ethics: More Circumnavigating the Buildups
Gary W. Allen, Esq., Retired Department of Justice, Washington D.C.

 0930 — 1015  Weather or Not: ATC Liability for Loss of Control
Steve Kirsch, Esq., U.S. Department of Justice, Washington D.C.

 1015 — 1030   BREAK

 1030 — 1115   General Aviation: Updates and Initiatives
Kathy Yodice, Esq., Yodice Associates, Potomac, MD

 1115 —1145  The NTSB: Pressing Forward in the New Era
Chairman Robert Sumwalt, III, National Transportation Safety Board, Washington D.C.

 1145 — 1400  Luncheon

Cecile S. Hatfield Award for Excellence in Aviation - Christopher Hart, Chair Washington Metro Safety Commission
Former Chair and Member of National Transportation Safety Board

Afternoon Moderator:
S.V. “Steve” Dedmon, Esq., Program Committee Member

 1400 — 1430  Who’s In Charge Here? Federal Preemption Issues in Airline Operations
Christopher Jahr, Esq., Wicker Smith O’Hara McCoy & Ford, P.A., Fort Lauderdale, FL

 1430 — 1500  Fixing the Fleet: Issues in Aviation Maintenance and Repair
Chuck Horning, ERAU Daytona Beach, FL

 1500 – 1530    Facing 2020: the Ins and Outs of the ADS-B Revolution
Courtney Bateman, Esq., Bateman Law, LLC, Washington D.C.

 1530 Closing and Farewell